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Karibu, Arusha Science School

As we strive to be the number one science, technology, engineering,
and math schools in the country, we are excited that Arusha Science
is changing the face of Science in the country, one student at a time.

AfricAcademy and its educational and school programs exist to support the continent of Africa harness its large population, which is also the most youthful while growing at the fastest rate in the world. This creates huge opportunities not just for Africa but for the whole world.

This is because, this youthful population provides a potential for a magical demographic dividend by balancing the aging and decreasing population in the developed world, and thus evening out the global dependency ratio. However, this potential can only be harnessed if the youthful population of Africa is enabled to become technologically savvy and professional – workforce, entrepreneurs, and inventors- attractive to investment under the global green economy of the fourth industrial revolution.

This revolution threatens to leave billions behind and outside the mainstream due to its technological basis which is changing and growing exponentially while rapidly disrupting nearly every job everywhere. Therefore, Africa requires schooling and technological training systems that prepare the young for jobs that do not even exist at the moment. This is where Arusha Science comes in.

Mrs Merry Mbise, Head of School

Our Vision

AfriCan professional – workforce, entrepreneurs, and inventors in all sectors who work and compete well globally in the dynamic green economy of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Our Mission

“Welcome to AfricAcademy – our mission is to empower Africa by tapping into the vast potential of its youthful population, which is growing at an unprecedented rate. With the largest youth population on the planet, Africa holds immense opportunities not only for the continent itself but for the entire world. By harnessing this demographic advantage, we aim to create a significant global impact by rebalancing age demographics and reducing dependency ratios. At AfricAcademy, we are serious about driving positive change and maximizing the potential of Africa’s future leaders.”


We aim to contribute to the building of a continental movement for creating a critical mass of competent AfriCan professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in all sectors, who work and compete well in the dynamic global green economy of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

  • Qualified and experienced teachers in teaching
  • Competence-based school in the learning process
  • Equipped laboratories with all the facilities
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