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Science-In-To-Use (SITU)

At the heart of Arusha Science School is the Science-In-To-Use (SITU) department, where students learn how to use their knowledge, skills, and talents to become competitive innovators and entrepreneurs in the world.

To make this possible, SITU has partnered up with some organizations to accelerate the hands-on learning approach for our students. We continue to work with:

  • Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA): TAHA assists with training our staff and students in Agriculture & Nutrition.
  • International Certificate For Digital Literacy (ICDL-AFRICA): We have partnered with ICDL – AFRICA to offer internationally recognized computer literacy certificates for all students.
  • Mas Africa: Through the Mas Africa group, students of the University Of Aldofo Ibanez – Santiago, Chile support SITU with annual funding for interschool workshops and projects.
  • STEM-Impact Center Nairobi: Offers material support during inter-school Robotics workshops, supplying SITU with LEGO Education Robotics Kits


We believe in exposing students to internal and external competitions to challenge and motivate them to move forward successfully. Since launching our programs in July 2020, our students have participated in three Major Regional and National competitions with great achievements.

  • Tanzania National Debate Championships (TNDC) 2021:

             Finalists in the “Public Speaking” Category – Regina Mlay and Solomon  Makune (Form 5)            

  • Young Scientist Tanzania (YST) 2021:
    1st Place in the “Technology and Computer Sciences” Category – Emmanuel Kamishina and Abdulnasser Nkya (Form 6)
    Project Title: Water level monitoring using an Ultrasonic Sensor
    2nd Place in the “Climate Change and Environmental Sciences” Category – Abdulrahim Malya and Adrinah Msele (Form 6)
    Project Title: Domestic Water Treatment to extend water supplies and improve irrigation. 
  • Arusha Innovation Summit – 2021:
    2nd Place in the “Young Innovators Award” Category – Brian Chami and Brenda Mapogo (Form 5)
    Project Title: Crop Moisture Sensor 
    3rd Place in the “Young Innovators Award” Category – Martha Leole and Oscar Malogo (Form 5)
    Project Title: Soap Making