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Hello Mauritius!!!

We are thrilled to announce that our students will be representing Tanzania in the prestigious Junior Achievement Company of the Year (JA COY 2024) international competitions in Mauritius after emerging victorious at the national competitions and bringing home the first-place and third-place trophies.

This success highlights the quality of education and supportive environment at our school. Our students, guided by dedicated teachers, demonstrated remarkable problem-solving and creativity, making us proud on a national stage. Their victory inspires all our students to strive for excellence in their academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Congratulations to BloomTech JA Company & EcoNexus JA Company, the facilitators, and everyone involved in this incredible journey. Your dedication and passion have brought glory to our institution and set a new benchmark for future competitions. We remain committed to fostering a culture of excellence and encouraging our students to reach new heights of competence.

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