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On the 11th of March, we had an amazing Orientation Week STEM Day at our school. More than 300 students were able to attend and take part in a range of exciting activities and talks. 🎉🔬💻

In the afternoon, Kilimanjaro Platenum put on a fantastic show where they displayed the stars and constellations in a really cool way. It was a mesmerizing experience that made us all wonder about the vastness of the universe. 🌟🌌

At the same time, Taifa Technovation Hub taught our pre-form five students about Arduino programming. They got to create electronic projects and learn how to code, which was both fun and educational. 🤖💡👩‍💻

Later on, Nelson Ijakaa led a workshop on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. We had the chance to try out these immersive technologies and explore virtual worlds. It was mind-blowing to see how technology can create new experiences and change the way we perceive things. 🌐👓🌍

Dr. Fue gave an interesting talk about emerging technologies and reverse engineering. We learned about the latest advancements and how objects can be taken apart and understood. It was fascinating to see how innovation and curiosity can lead to exciting discoveries. 🔬🚀🔧

In the evening, we had a virtual talk with Tanzanians in the Diaspora who are doing great work in STEM fields. We heard from Margret Haji, an Aerospace Engineer at Blue Origin, Ms. Asha Ny’ang’anyi, who studied Cell/Molecular Biology at Howard University, Ms. Namtasha Bunting, who has a background in Education, and Prof. Lindah Mhando, who started her own coaching and consulting business. They shared their inspiring stories and showed us the amazing possibilities in STEM. 🌍👩‍🔬📚💡

The Orientation Week STEM Day was a special event that showed us how exciting and important STEM subjects can be. We had a lot of fun exploring science and technology, and we left feeling inspired to pursue our interests in these fields. 🎉🔬💻

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